btengprivatecrkeys.h File Reference

const TUid KCRUidBTEngPrivateSettings

const TUidKCRUidBTEngPrivateSettings

Bluetooth Discoverability Settings CenRep UID

const TUint32 KBTDiscoverable

const TUint32KBTDiscoverable

CenRep key for storing Bluetooth visibility settings. Stores the Bluetooth visibility mode.

Possible integer values (the value are as published in the Bluetooth Core Specification): ( 0x00 No scanning (no scans enabled) 0x01 Inquiry scan only (inquiry Scan enabled, page scan disabled) ) 0x02 Hidden mode (page scan enabled, inquiry scan disabled) 0x03 General discoverability mode (Page enabled, inquiry scan enabled) 0x100 Temporarily visibile (first value after reserved range)

Default value: 3

const TUint32 KBTLocalNameChanged

const TUint32KBTLocalNameChanged

CenRep key for storing Bluetooth local device name settings. Stores the local name status (if the user has changed the local device name).

Possible integer values: 0 User has not changed local device name 1 User has set the local deive name

Default value: 0

const TUint32 KBTSapEnabled

const TUint32KBTSapEnabled

CenRep key for storing Bluetooth SIM Access Profile settings. Stores the Bluetooth SIM Access Profile state.

Possible integer values: 0 SAP disabled 1 SAP enabled

Default value: 0

const TUint32 KBtHidKeyboardLayout

const TUint32KBtHidKeyboardLayout

const TUint32 KBluetoothEnterpriseState

const TUint32KBluetoothEnterpriseState