Wait note

Wait notes contain a wait graphic of indefinite duration. They are used during operations that take a long time when it is not possible to estimate the duration of the operation. Whenever possible, the user should be able to stop the operation. For this, a softkey labeled for example,Cancel is provided.

Figure 1. Wait note

Using wait notes in applications

You can create either a basic wait note that is displayed only when your application is in the foreground or a global note that stays displayed even if the application launching the note is not in the foreground. The related APIs are the Notes API (for basic notes) and the Notifiers API (for global notes).

Wait notes are predefined notes that cannot be used just by instantiating a simple note class. These notes' lifetime is based on a background process, and client code has to provide an interface to retrieve this information. For implementation information, see Creating a wait note.

To create a global wait note, use the CAknGlobalNote class in the Notifiers API. For implementation information, see Using global notes and Using global notes with user interaction.

For basic notes, you can change the icon or text displayed in the note, use a different kind of sound, or change the note duration using the setter methods in the CAknNoteDialog class:
For information on customizing global notes, see Enhancing global notes. You can change the graphic, animation, tone, and softkeys using the methods in the CAknGlobalNote class: