Creating System-wide Property Policy Plug-in

System-wide Properties (SwP) are attributes of a device that have system-wide significance (for example, the power status or device lock status). The value of any System-wide property is normally independent of the System State, but the state and different properties can be combined with policy to generate a new status indications and actions.

The MSsmSwpPolicy, is an API which allows customization of the behavior of system-wide property changes in the SSM.

Follow the steps given below to create a system-wide property policy plug-in:

  1. Define a class from MSsmSwpPolicy interface.

  2. Export the static method to create new system-wide property policy plug-in as shown in the code snippet:
    EXPORT_C MSsmSwpPolicy* CSimStatuspolicy::NewL()
        CSimStatuspolicy* self = new (ELeave) CSimStatuspolicy;
        return self;
    The code returns a new plug-in object for system-wide property plug-in.

The system-wide property policy plug-in is created.

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