MTruiEngine Class Reference

class MTruiEngine

MTruiEngine class. The interface between HWR engine and TrainUI application

Member Functions Documentation

ChangeShortcutTextL(const TDesC &, const TDesC &)

voidChangeShortcutTextL(const TDesC &aOldText,
const TDesC &aNewText
)[pure virtual]

Change the text of an existing shortcut


const TDesC & aOldTextThe text of an existing shortcut
const TDesC & aNewTextThe new text of the shortcut

CharacterModelExist(const TDesC &)

TBool CharacterModelExist(const TDesC &aChar)[pure virtual]

Check if character has model


const TDesC & aCharThe character which is checked

CheckShortcutModel(const TDesC &)

TBool CheckShortcutModel(const TDesC &aText)[pure virtual]

Check if shortcut has model


const TDesC & aTextThe shortcut which is checked

DeleteCharacterModel(const TDesC &)

TInt DeleteCharacterModel(const TDesC &aChar)[pure virtual]

Delete character model


const TDesC & aCharDelete this character's model

DeleteShortcutModel(const TDesC &)

TInt DeleteShortcutModel(const TDesC &aText)[pure virtual]

Delete Shortcut model


const TDesC & aTextDelete this Shortcut's model

GetAllPresetSymbolsL(RArray< TUint > &)

voidGetAllPresetSymbolsL(RArray< TUint > &aPresets)[pure virtual]

Return all unicodes of preset text stored in PTI engine


RArray< TUint > & aPresetsAll preset text's unicodes are stored in this array.

GetCharacterModelL(const TDesC &, RArray< TPoint > &)

voidGetCharacterModelL(const TDesC &aChar,
RArray< TPoint > &aModel
)[pure virtual]

Get character model


const TDesC & aCharGet this character's model
RArray< TPoint > & aModelArray of points where the character's model is stored.

GetGuidingLinePos(const TSize &, TInt &, TInt &)

TInt GetGuidingLinePos(const TSize &aSize,
TInt &aTop,
TInt &aBottom
)[pure virtual]

Get guiding line pos

The are


const TSize & aSize
TInt & aTopThe vertical coordinate of top guiding line
TInt & aBottomThe vertical coordinate of bottom guiding line

GetPresetSymbolByUnicodeL(TUint, RArray< TPoint > &, TDes &)

RArray< TPoint > &aModel,
TDes &aShortcut
)[pure virtual]

Get trails assigned to a preset text.


TUint aUnicodeThe unicode of the preset text.
RArray< TPoint > & aModelStore trails of the preset text.
TDes & aShortcutIndicate whether the preset text has been assigned to a shortcut text. If KNullDesC, it is not in use.

GetShortcutModelL(const TDesC &, RArray< TPoint > &, TUint &)

voidGetShortcutModelL(const TDesC &aText,
RArray< TPoint > &aModel,
TUint &aUnicode
)[pure virtual]

Get trails assigned to the specified shortcut.


const TDesC & aTextThe specified shortcut text
RArray< TPoint > & aModelTrails of the shortcut.
TUint & aUnicodeThe assigned preset text if it is a preset shortcut, otherwise, it is 0;

GetShortcutTextListL(RPointerArray< HBufC > &)

voidGetShortcutTextListL(RPointerArray< HBufC > &aShortcutTextList)[pure virtual]

Get text list of all the shortcuts


RPointerArray< HBufC > & aShortcutTextListThe text list.


TInt MaxShortCutLength()[pure virtual]

Get the number of the maximum of shortcuts

SavePresetShortcutL(TUint, const TDesC &)

const TDesC &aShortcut
)[pure virtual]

Save preset shortcuts.


TUint aUnicodeThe assigned preset text.
const TDesC & aShortcutThe shortcut to be save.

SetCharacterModelL(const TDesC &, RArray< TPoint > &, TInt, TDes &)

voidSetCharacterModelL(const TDesC &aChar,
RArray< TPoint > &aModel,
TDes &aSimilarChar
)[pure virtual]

Set character model


const TDesC & aCharSet model to this character
RArray< TPoint > & aModelArray of points where the character's model is stored. Shall set the value to TPtiHwrRange. if not accepted by engine, store the conflict char
TInt aSubRange
TDes & aSimilarChar


voidSetLanguageScriptL(TIntaLanguageScript)[pure virtual]

Set current trained character's Language Script


TInt aLanguageScriptcurrent trained character's Language Script

SetShortcutModelL(const TDesC &, RArray< TPoint > &, TDes &)

voidSetShortcutModelL(const TDesC &aText,
RArray< TPoint > &aModel,
TDes &aSimilarText
)[pure virtual]

Set Shortcut model


const TDesC & aTextSet model to this Shortcut
RArray< TPoint > & aModelArray of points where the Shortcut's model is stored.
TDes & aSimilarTextStore the conflict text if exist.