Accessing DVB-H Receiver Information

This document is about accessing the DVB-H receiver information.


The purpose of this tutorial is to retrieve current information about the receiver.

Required Background

CDvbhReceiverInfo supplies static " getter" methods which may be used to retrieve information about the receiver. These methods are described in more detail in Setup and Configuration Requirements section below.


The following receiver information may be queried as follows:

  • state

  • signal quality

  • platform

  • performance data

  • network time

  • frequency

  • Cell Id

  • Network Id

Setup and Configuration Requirements

To retreive any of the above information you simply have to call one of the following static methods on CDvbhReceiverInfo.

Using Accessing DVB-H Receiver Information Tutorial

The following tasks will be covered in this tutorial:

Basic Procedure

The high level steps to retrieve current information about the receiver are shown here:

  1. You must call the appropriate getter method to retrieve the current information. For example in order to get information about signal quality, call CDvbhReceiverInfo::GetSignalQuality().

    An example flow, to get signal quality is shown below.


TDvbhState currentState;
//Have obtained the current state.
if (currentState == EDvbhReceivingState)
    //Receiver is in the right state to call GetSignalQuality()
    TDvbhSignalQuality currentSignalQuality;
    //Do not expect the following to leave.
    //Receiver is not in the right state for GetSignalQuality().