remconmediabrowsetypes.h File Reference

Typedef TRemConItemUid

typedef TUint64 TRemConItemUid

Defines a type representing a UID which is 8 octet and uniquely identifys a folder or media element in the media library.

Typedef TFolderItemPlayable

typedef TUint8 TFolderItemPlayable

Defines a type which indicates whether a folder item is playable.

Typedef TMediaItemType

typedef TUint8 TMediaItemType

Defines a type to indicate a media item type.

const TFolderItemPlayable KFolderNotPlayable

const TFolderItemPlayableKFolderNotPlayable

const TFolderItemPlayable KFolderPlayable

const TFolderItemPlayableKFolderPlayable

const TMediaItemType KMediaAudio

const TMediaItemTypeKMediaAudio

const TMediaItemType KMediaVideo

const TMediaItemTypeKMediaVideo