Location Server Overview

The Location Server component of the LBS system model contains a Symbian platform server to manage location requests from installed applications (MO-LR self locate requests).


The Location Server is a Symbian platform server that manages location requests from installed applications (MO-LR self locate requests). Location requests to the Location Server are made using the Location Acquisition API.

Key concepts and terms

Location Server

The Symbian platform server responsible for handling location requests from installed applications.


Mobile Originated Location Request (3GPP term). A request from a client application installed on the device to get the current location. These requests are handled by the Location Server.


The Location Server component (eposserver.exe) of LBS supports:

  • Internal hardware for GPS or A-GPS positioning

  • Internal hardware for other positioning technologies (such as WLAN positioning) through a generic Positioning plug-In (PSY) API

  • Cell based positioning

  • Bluetooth external GPS hardware


The Location Server component supports two published APIs.

API Description

Location Acquisition API

The API used by installed applications to get location information and get information about installed positioning modules. It is used by application developers.

Quality Profile API

The API used to read quality profile information from the LBS subsystem.