Email Client API Overview

This section provides an overview of the functionality and the architecture of the Email Client component.


Email Client API allows listing and accessing of mailboxes and email messages. It also provides functionality to create, forward, reply and search for messages.


The Email Client API loads the Email Protocol Plug-ins. The plug-in interface defines functions for email operations and for accessing locally stored email data (accounts, folders, messages and message attachments). The plug-in interface is built on top of the Email Framework, which is based on the ECom framework. The Email Framework includes a common message store service which can be used by the plug-ins. The Email Server is a background process handling mailbox-related events.

In the above diagram components shown in blue color are provided by Symbian platform, components shown in grey color are internal, and components in yellow color are thirdy-party applications.


The key classes are:


Interface to define the email address that is used as recipient or sender in MEmailMessage.


Interface for accessing mailboxes, launching email editor, and viewer.


Callback interface which is used for fetching content asynchronously.


Interface for accessing folder information and included messages.


Interface that provides information on a mailbox, listing folders in the mailbox and obtaining and creating email messages.


Interface for email message abstraction.


Observer interface for handling email search results.


Interface for iterating messages in a folder.

Typical Uses

The following use cases are supported by the Email Client API:
  • list and access mailboxes.

  • create, reply, and forward messages.

  • search messages.

  • launch a specific mailbox in email application.