Controlling Video Recording Quality

This tutorial describes how to control video recording quality.


The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to set the appropriate quality level for a video recording.

Required Background

The Video Client Overview introduces the video client utilities.


Factors such as bit rate, frame rate, resolution and so on, determine the quality of video recordings. You can control the quality of video recordings by selecting the appropriate quality level.

Using Video Quality

The following tasks are covered in this tutorial:

Basic Procedure

The high level steps to set the recording quality are shown here:

  1. Create a new video recorder utility object.

  2. Open a video clip to record.

  3. To set the video quality call CVideoRecorderUtility::SetVideoQualityL() and set aQuality to a value between 0 (lowest quality) and 100 (highest quality). The default value for video quality is 50.

  4. Call the CVideoRecorderUtility::Prepare() method.

  5. Control recording normally.


//Create new video recorder utility object (iVideoRecorder)
// Open the video clip

// set to high quality video recording

// Call Prepare() and then Record() to record normally