SysLibs Test Suite Overview

The SIP client test suite contains automated tests used to verify whether APIs work as expected. This test suite involves negative testing to confirm that the errors are documented.

The SysLibs test suite contains test scripts, test data and configuration files required for testing the ECom component.

ECom is the Symbian platform plug-in architecture, allowing interface implementations to be discovered and selected for use (amongst other benefits). ECom architecture contains:

  • Client session API

  • Implementation information container for the ECom registration data relating to a particular interface implementation.

  • Resolver data to pass values to a resolver to aid in the filtering of interface implementation plug-ins.

The SysLibs ECom test suite provides regression tests for CImplementationInformation, REComSession and TEComResolverParams classes.

All API's that Symbian classify as PublisedAll are tested within these classes.

Note: Any mention to epoc32 is offset by %EPOCROOT%.