Reading a Skipped Alarm Property

The Publish and Subscribe framework enables a client to receive notification from the Alarm Server about the skipped alarm.

The value associated with the KMissingAlarmPubSubKey property is a TMissedAlarmPubSubData structure.

KMissingAlarmPubSubKey contains data about environmental changes and whether or not they have resulted in a skipped alarm.

  1. The KMissingAlarmPubSubKey property value indicates if there are skipped alarms.

  2. The subscriber reads the current value of the property to determine if there are skipped alarms. A client more usually subscribes to the property and responds to any changes by calling the ReadSkippedAlarmPropertyL() function.

  3. iValue stores an integer that indicates if there are skipped alarms.
    #include <ASShdAlarm.h> // For TMissedAlarmPubSubData etc.
    #include <…>
    void CSkippedAlarmsObserver::ReadSkippedAlarmPropertyL()
        TPckgBuf<TMissedAlarmPubSubData> skippedAlarmBuf;
        User::LeaveIfError(RProperty::Get(KAlarmServerPubSubCategory, KMissingAlarmPubSubKey, skippedAlarmBuf));
        if (skippedAlarmBuf().iValue == 2)
    This example illustrates the steps required to use the property value to establish if there are skipped alarms. Note: The example does not describe the procedure required to subscribe to the property.