MMMFDevVideoRecordProxy Class Reference

class MMMFDevVideoRecordProxy

MMMFDevVideoRecordProxy is the interface the CDevVideoRecord implementation provides for video recording hardware devices. The hardware devices use this interface to report events and send used pictures and new buffers to the client.

Member Functions Documentation

MdvrpFatalError(CMMFVideoHwDevice *, TInt)

voidMdvrpFatalError(CMMFVideoHwDevice *aDevice,
)[pure virtual]

Reports a fatal error to the client. The device must automatically stop processing video data when such errors occur, and may not do further processing before it has been deleted and re-created.


CMMFVideoHwDevice * aDevice"The device that reports the error."
TInt aError"The error code."

MdvrpInitializeComplete(CMMFVideoHwDevice *, TInt)

voidMdvrpInitializeComplete(CMMFVideoHwDevice *aDevice,
)[pure virtual]

Reports that an asynchronous Initialize() method has completed. The device is now ready for recording.


CMMFVideoHwDevice * aDevice"The device that was initialized."
TInt aError"Initialization result error code, KErrNone if initialization was successful."

MdvrpNewBuffer(TVideoOutputBuffer *)

voidMdvrpNewBuffer(TVideoOutputBuffer *aBuffer)[pure virtual]

Delivers a new coded data unit to the client. The CDevVideoRecord implementation will maintain a list of buffers and implement NumDataBuffers() and NextBufferL() based on those. The buffers will be returned back to the device using ReturnBuffer().


TVideoOutputBuffer * aBuffer"The buffer containing the data to send."

MdvrpReturnPicture(TVideoPicture *)

voidMdvrpReturnPicture(TVideoPicture *aPicture)[pure virtual]

Returns a used input picture back to the client. Called by the encoder hardware device after the picture has been encoded.


TVideoPicture * aPicture"The picture to return."


voidMdvrpStreamEnd()[pure virtual]

Reports that the input video data end has been reached and all pictures have been processed. Called by each hardware device after their InputEnd() methods have been called and all data has been processed. The proxy implementation will notify the client about stream end when all hardware devices have called this method.


voidMdvrpSupplementalInfoSent()[pure virtual]

Sends a notification to the client that the current supplemental info send request has completed.