CPosLmTextCriteria Class Reference

class CPosLmTextCriteria : public CPosLmSearchCriteria

Criterion for searching for landmarks which contain a certain text.

The search is defined by providing a text to search for and the position fields and text attributes to search.

If no attributes are specified for the search, all text attributes in the landmarks are searched. If no position fields are specified, then all fields are searched.

If this criterion is passed to CPosLandmarkSearch::StartLandmarkSearchL , only landmarks which contain the specified text are returned.

Wild-card characters are supported.

This criterion is only valid when searching for landmarks, i.e. if it is passed to CPosLandmarkSearch::StartCategorySearchL, the function will fail with error code KErrArgument.

S60 3.0

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CPosLmTextCriteria(const CPosLmTextCriteria &)

CPosLmTextCriteria(const CPosLmTextCriteria &)[private]


const CPosLmTextCriteria &




Member Functions Documentation


IMPORT_C CPosLandmark::TAttributesAttributesToSearch()const

Retrieves the landmark attributes which should be searched.

This function returns a bitmap of landmark attributes. The landmark attributes are defined by CPosLandmark::_TAttributes. It is only possible to search the ELandmarkName and EDescription attributes.


IMPORT_C voidClearPositionFieldsToSearch()

Clears the position fields list used in a search.



GetPositionFieldsToSearchL(RArray< TUint > &)

IMPORT_C voidGetPositionFieldsToSearchL(RArray< TUint > &aFieldArray)const

Retrieves a list of the position fields to search.


RArray< TUint > & aFieldArrayOn return, contains a list of the position fields which are used in a search. If no position fields have been set, the array is empty. Position fields are identified by values defined in TPositionFieldId.


IMPORT_C CPosLmTextCriteria *NewLC()[static]

Two-phased constructor.


IMPORT_C voidSetAttributesToSearch(CPosLandmark::TAttributesaAttributes)

Sets which landmark attributes to search.

The client passes a bitmap of the landmark attributes to search. It is only possible to search the ELandmarkName and EDescription attributes.

"Landmarks Client"-EPosInvalidLandmarkAttribute Unsupported attribute is passed.


CPosLandmark::TAttributes aAttributesA bitmap indicating which landmark attributes should be searched.

SetPositionFieldsToSearchL(const RArray< TUint > &)

IMPORT_C voidSetPositionFieldsToSearchL(const RArray< TUint > &aFieldArray)

Sets the position fields to search.

Any previously set position fields are cleared by this call.


const RArray< TUint > & aFieldArrayA list of the position fields to search. Position fields are identified by values defined in TPositionFieldId.

SetTextL(const TDesC &)

IMPORT_C voidSetTextL(const TDesC &aText)

Sets the search string.

A non-empty text string must be set, otherwise CPosLandmarkSearch::StartLandmarkSearchL will leave with error code KErrArgument.

The search is case insensitive.

Wild-card characters "?" and "*" are supported in the search string. "?" matches a single occurrence of any character and "*" matches zero or more consecutive occurrences of any characters.

A landmark matches the criterion if specified text is found anywhere in selected attributes or position fields.

KErrArgument The search string is longer than KPosLmMaxSearchStringLength.


const TDesC & aTextThe text to search for.


IMPORT_C TPtrCText()const

Retrieves the text to search for.

operator=(const CPosLmTextCriteria &)

CPosLmTextCriteria &operator=(const CPosLmTextCriteria &)[private]


const CPosLmTextCriteria &

Member Data Documentation

CPosLandmark::TAttributes iAttributes

CPosLandmark::TAttributes iAttributes[private]

RArray< TUint > iPositionFieldArray

RArray< TUint >iPositionFieldArray[private]

HBufC * iText

HBufC *iText[private]