lbtserverconsts.h File Reference

const TLitC< sizeof(L"LBTServerCore")/2 > KLbtServerCoreName

const TLitC< sizeof(L"LBTServerCore")/2 >KLbtServerCoreName[static]

const TInt KParamTriggerId

const TIntKParamTriggerId

Message Parameters index in a message of RMessage2 Message Parameters index in a message of RMessage2. The client library has to use the parameter index defined below to write data into the IPC message.

const TInt KParamTriggerEntry

const TIntKParamTriggerEntry

const TInt KParamFilter

const TIntKParamFilter

const TInt KParamTriggerFireInfo

const TIntKParamTriggerFireInfo

const TInt KParamSubsessionHandle

const TIntKParamSubsessionHandle

const TInt KParamTriggerType

const TIntKParamTriggerType

const TInt KParamFireOnUpdate

const TIntKParamFireOnUpdate

const TInt KTriggersSize

const TIntKTriggersSize

const TInt KParamMask

const TIntKParamMask

const TInt KTriggerState

const TIntKTriggerState

const TInt KParamFilterType

const TIntKParamFilterType

const TInt KParamSettings

const TIntKParamSettings

const TInt KParamStatus

const TIntKParamStatus

const TInt KParamChangeEvent

const TIntKParamChangeEvent

const TInt KParamTriggerCreationInfo

const TIntKParamTriggerCreationInfo

const TInt KParamTriggerUpdationInfo

const TIntKParamTriggerUpdationInfo

const TInt KParamTriggerStateInfo

const TIntKParamTriggerStateInfo

const TUid KServerLogicInterfaceUid

const TUidKServerLogicInterfaceUid

const TInt8 KLbtMajorVersionNumber

const TInt8KLbtMajorVersionNumber

Current server version number

const TInt8 KLbtMinorVersionNumber

const TInt8KLbtMinorVersionNumber

const TInt16 KLbtBuildVersionNumber

const TInt16KLbtBuildVersionNumber

const TInt KLbtErrPartial

const TIntKLbtErrPartial

Error code that is used internally to reflect partial completion