Status pane items

A tap on:

  • Navi pane: common items (such as tabs) should perform a function that is obvious and clear. Common AVKON interaction does not change. However, it an application can assign an appropriate function to its Navi pane items. It is also possible not to assign any function where appropriate.

  • Universal indicator pane: opens a pop-up with more information on Status pane indicators. It always includes battery and signal indicators and digital clock. The user can tap any of those for more information. For each visible universal indicator, there is one row reserved in the pop-up for displaying the icon and a description text. The description text may also inform about the current status and/or it may be a link to a view in corresponding application. For example, a tap on "3 new messages" opens the relevant view from the messaging application, and "Bluetooth active" switches view to the Bluetooth settings. Content of the row is determined by the application originating the indicator.

  • Clock in the home screen opens the Clock application.

Using status pane items in applications

The API to use for the status pane is the Status Pane API. For implementation information, see Using the Status Pane API.