Supplementary Service and Feature Code Strings Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to send the supplementary service and feature code strings to the network.

The RMobilePhone API allows the clients to send Supplementary Service (SS) strings in the GSM networks and feature code strings in the CDMA networks to the network. The data is sent for accessing a network based service.

  1. Use RMobilePhone::ProgramFeatureCode() to describe a feature code of a particular service to the telephony system.
  2. Send the feature code of a service to the network using RMobilePhone::SendNetworkServiceRequest()
  3. Retrieve the feature code of a service from the network using RMobilePhone::GetFeatureCode().

Possible services are described in the RMobilePhone::TMobilePhoneNetworkService enum. Actions to be taken on a service such as activate or deactivate are described in RMobilePhone::TMobilePhoneServiceAction.

Send feature code example

The following code sends a feature code to the network.

The code assumes iMobilePhone is an RMobilePhone object, and the featureCode as a descriptor containing the relevant feature code.

TRequestStatus status;

iMobilePhone.SendNetworkServiceRequest(status, featureCode);