TPositionModuleStatus Class Reference

class TPositionModuleStatus : public TPositionModuleStatusBase

The normal class for storing a position module's status

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Default constructor for TPositionModuleStatus

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IMPORT_C TDataQualityStatusDataQualityStatus()const

Data quality status


IMPORT_C TDeviceStatusDeviceStatus()const

Device status


IMPORT_C voidSetDataQualityStatus(TDataQualityStatusaStatus)

Sets data quality status


TDataQualityStatus aStatusThe data quality status to set


IMPORT_C voidSetDeviceStatus(TDeviceStatusaStatus)

Sets device status


TDeviceStatus aStatusThe device status to set

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum _TDataQualityStatus

The data quality status



Data Quality Unknown This is the unassigned valued. This state should only be reported during an event indicating that a positioning module has been removed or is not yet loaded.


Data Quality Loss The accuracy and contents of the position information has been completely compromised. It is no longer possible to return any coherent data. This situation will occur if the device has lost track of all the transmitters (for example, satellites or base stations). It should be noted although it is currently not possible to obtain position information, the device may still be functioning correctly. This state should not be confused with a device error.


Data Quality Partial There has been a partial degradation in the available position information. In particular, it is not possible to provide the required (or expected) quality of information. This situation could occur if the device has lost track of one of the transmitters (for example, satellites or base stations)


Data Quality Normal The positioning device is functioning as expected

Enum _TDeviceStatus

The device status



Device unknown This is not a valid state and should never be reported


Device error There are problems using the device. For example, there may be hardware errors. It should not be confused with complete loss of data quality which indicates that the device is functioning correctly but is currently unable to obtain position information. The error state will be reported if the device can not be successfully brought on line. For example, the positioning module may have been unable to communicate with the device or it is not responding as expected.


Device disabled Although the device may be working properly, it has been taken off line and is regarded as being unavailable to obtain position information. This will generally have been done by the user via the control panel. In this state, positioning framework will not use the device.


Device inactive The device is not being used by the positioning framework. This is typically because there are no clients currently obtaining the position from it. This is the normal status that is returned for a module that is not currently loaded by the system


Device initialising This is a transient state. The device is being brought out of the "inactive" state but has not reached either the "ready" or "stand by" modes. The initialising state will occur when the positioning module is first selected to provide a client application with location information


Device standby This state indicates the device has entered "sleep" or "power save" mode. This signifies that the device is online, but is not actively retrieving position information. A device will generally enter this mode when the next position update is not required for some time and it is more efficient to partially power down. Note: Not all positioning modules will support this state - particularly when there is external hardware


Device ready The positioning device is online and is ready to retrieve position information


Device active The positioning device is actively in the process of retrieving position information. Note: Not all positioning modules will support this state - particularly when there is external hardware

Member Type Definitions Documentation

Typedef TDataQualityStatus

typedef TInt TDataQualityStatus

defined type for TDataQualityStatus

Typedef TDeviceStatus

typedef TInt TDeviceStatus

defined type for TDeviceStatus

Member Data Documentation

TDataQualityStatus iDataQualityStatus

TDataQualityStatus iDataQualityStatus[protected]

The data quality status

TDeviceStatus iDeviceStatus

TDeviceStatus iDeviceStatus[protected]

The device status

TUint8 iReserved

TUint8 iReserved[private]

Unused variable for future expansion.