CPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolSession Class Reference

class CPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolSession : public CBase

Protocol session.

S60 3.1

Inherits from

  • CPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolSession

Member Functions Documentation


void Cancel ( ) [pure virtual]

Cancels either the search or detail retrieval process.

InitializeL(MPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolSessionObserver &, const TPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolAccountId &)

void InitializeL ( MPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolSessionObserver & aObserver,
const TPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolAccountId & aAccountId
) [pure virtual]

Initialize session search session.


MPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolSessionObserver & aObserver observer for the session
const TPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolAccountId & aAccountId remote account that is searched

LooseSearchL(const TDesC &, TInt)

void LooseSearchL ( const TDesC & aQueryText,
TInt aMaxMatches
) [pure virtual]

Start loose search with given query.


const TDesC & aQueryText query text
TInt aMaxMatches maximum number of matches

RetrieveContactFieldsL(RPointerArray< CPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolResult > &)

void RetrieveContactFieldsL ( RPointerArray < CPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolResult > & aResults ) [pure virtual]

Retrieves rest of the contact fields. Contact items in the results array are reused and new fields are just added to them.


RPointerArray < CPbkxRemoteContactLookupProtocolResult > & aResults set of results for which the