SWI Analysis Toolkit Overview

The SWI Analysis Toolkit enables you to extract information from SWIcertstore and software installation registry for analysis. It also enables you to validate the certificate chains and extract capability details associated with a SIS file.

Required background

Before you start, you must be familiar with the following:

Typical Uses

The SWI Analysis Toolkit component enables you to use:

  • DumpChainValidityTool to validate the signing certificate-chain information associated with a SIS file and display a unified list of capabilities that are supported by the validated chains.

  • DumpInstallFileStatusTool to retrieve missing capabilities corresponding to each executable associated with a SIS file.

  • DumpSWICertStoreTool to extract certificate related information such as capabilities and mandatory status for all the certificates from SWI certificate stores.

  • DumpSWIRegistryTool to retrieve the controller information for a specific package.

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