MPbkContactEntryLoader Class Reference

class MPbkContactEntryLoader
Public Member Functions
void LoadEntryL ( TPbkContactEntry &, CPbkContactEngine &, TContactItemId )
Protected Member Functions
~MPbkContactEntryLoader ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbkContactEntryLoader ( ) [protected, inline, virtual]

Proteced destructor. Concrete instances are not destroyed through this interface.

Member Functions Documentation

LoadEntryL(TPbkContactEntry &, CPbkContactEngine &, TContactItemId)

void LoadEntryL ( TPbkContactEntry & aEntry,
CPbkContactEngine & aEngine,
TContactItemId aContactId
) [pure virtual]

Loads aEntry with data from a contact.


TPbkContactEntry & aEntry contact cache entry to fill
CPbkContactEngine & aEngine contact database where to load aContactId
TContactItemId aContactId id of the contact to read