Priority Configuration

This section explains how to configure the priorities in the OOM Monitor configuration file.

The OOM Monitor configuration file ( oomconfig.xml ) is located in epo32\data\z\10207218 .

Note: The configuration file cannot be modified after flashing it to the device.
The OOM Monitor configuration file can contain the following details:
  • initial priority of an internal application. For information on OOM Monitor priority, refer to OOM Monitor Priority .

  • rules to change the priority. For more information, refer to Rules to Change Priority Dynamically .

  • default priority. If the priority of an application is not defined it will have the default priority.

  • OOM Plug-ins priority. For information on OOM Monitor plug-ins priority, refer to OOM Plug-ins .

For applications that need to be active all the time the priority can be set to NEVER_CLOSE .


The following is an example of the OOM Monitor configuration file:


<!-- Low RAM and good RAM thresholds are defined in kilobytes.The value 1 means that applications are not closed in parallel. default_wait_after_plugin defines how long to wait (in milliseconds)after OOM plug-in is called.
<global_settings low_ram_threshold="3637" good_ram_threshold="4900" max_app_close_batch="3" default_wait_after_plugin="10" max_app_exit_time="2000" />

<!--	Application specific low RAM and good RAM thresholds are defined here -->
<!-- Uid of Browser application>
<app uid="10008d39" low_ram_threshold="8637" good_ram_threshold="9900" />


<!--The uid DEFAULT_APP refers to all applications, which priority is not specifically defined in the conf file.-->
<close_app uid="DEFAULT_APP" priority="80" sync_mode="check">
<app_close_idle_priority idle_time="900" priority="50" />
<app_close_idle_priority idle_time="43200" priority="20" />

<close_app uid="BUSY_APP" priority="NEVER_CLOSE" sync_mode="check" /> 

<close_app uid="10008d39" priority="80" sync_mode="check">

<!--The priority of executing each application plug-in is defined here-->
<app_plugin uid="10281f93" target_app_id="10008d39" priority="30" wait="100" sync_mode="check">
<plugin_foreground_app_priority target_app_id="10008d39" priority="100" />