OOM Plug-ins

This section describes OOM plug-ins and how the priority of OOM plug-ins can be specified.

An OOM plug-in is a gateway component, which releases RAM from a running application or server. The function of OOM plug-in is to delegate the OOM commands from OOM Monitor to the application. Each application provides its own OOM plug-in, which allows OOM Monitor to communicate with that application. The application associated with an OOM plug-in is referred as the target application of the plug-in.

Priority for OOM Plug-ins

Each OOM plug-in has a priority assigned by the OOM Monitor in the configuration file. The priority of an OOM plug-in determines the priority of the optional RAM allocation. For more information on setting the priorities in the configuration file, refer to Priority Configuration . OOM Monitor uses the lowest priority action to release RAM whether it is closing an application or calling a plug-in.

In the OOM Monitor configuration file, the priority of a plug-in should always be configured lower than the priority of its target application. Otherwise the plug-in will never be used for releasing RAM, because the target application is always closed before calling the plug-in.