CVPbkContactCopier Class Reference

class CVPbkContactCopier : public CBase

Virtual Phonebook contact copier. Copies source contacts to the target store according to copying rules.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CVPbkContactCopier(CVPbkContactManager &)

CVPbkContactCopier ( CVPbkContactManager & aContactManager ) [private]


CVPbkContactManager & aContactManager


~CVPbkContactCopier ( )


Member Functions Documentation

CopyContactsL(TUint32, const MVPbkContactLinkArray &, MVPbkContactStore *, CVPbkContactLinkArray &, MVPbkBatchOperationObserver &)

IMPORT_C MVPbkContactOperationBase * CopyContactsL ( TUint32 aContactCopyFlags,
const MVPbkContactLinkArray & aSourceContactLinks,
MVPbkContactStore * aTargetStore,
CVPbkContactLinkArray & aCopiedContactLinks,
MVPbkBatchOperationObserver & aObserver

Copies a set of contacts to the target store.


TUint32 aContactCopyFlags A set of TVPbkContactCopyFlags
const MVPbkContactLinkArray & aSourceContactLinks Source contact links
MVPbkContactStore * aTargetStore Target of the copy operation. If NULL this behaves like duplicate.
CVPbkContactLinkArray & aCopiedContactLinks The results of the copy. Copied contacts are added to this array.
MVPbkBatchOperationObserver & aObserver An observer for asynchronous operation

NewL(CVPbkContactManager &)

IMPORT_C CVPbkContactCopier * NewL ( CVPbkContactManager & aContactManager ) [static]

Creates a new copier instance. Remember to open the stores first before starting any copy operation.


CVPbkContactManager & aContactManager The contact manager for getting stores.

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum TVPbkContactCopyFlags

A set of flags for copying. Fastest copy is EVPbkSimpleContactCopy.


EVPbkSimpleContactCopy = 0

Copies a field if the target store supports the field type. Does not perform additional checks.

EVPbkUseStoreSpecificCopyPolicy = 0x01

Uses a store specific copy policy if found for the target store. Can do e.g field type conversion between source and target field types. Falls back to simple copy if the copy policy was not found for the store.

EVPbkUsePlatformSpecificDuplicatePolicy = 0x02

Finds duplicates before saving a contact if there is a copy policy for the store that can handle the possible merge of new and existing contact data. Falls back to simple copy if the copy policy was not found for the store.

Member Data Documentation

CVPbkContactManager & iContactManager

CVPbkContactManager & iContactManager [private]