CPhCntThumbnailLoader Class Reference

class CPhCntThumbnailLoader : public CBase

It is abstract interface for loading thumbail images.

Note that it is considered that loading of thumbnail images is not critical. Thus, if something fails during loading procedure, then we ignore the whole thumbnail.

However, observer will be informed of both success and failure.


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void Cancel ( TThumbnailId aId ) [pure virtual]

Cancels loading of thumbnail with given id.


TThumbnailId aId id to cancel.

Load(TThumbnailId &, const CPhCntContactId &)

TInt Load ( TThumbnailId & aId,
const CPhCntContactId & aContactId
) [pure virtual]

Loads thumbnail asynchronously.

You can call this to load several images. Images are loaded in FIFO order.


TThumbnailId & aId id. if id is already in use, it's canceled. It will be zeroed if loading failed to the beginning.
const CPhCntContactId & aContactId contact id. Copies the contact id.

Member Type Definitions Documentation

Typedef TThumbnailId

typedef const TAny * TThumbnailId

It defines type for thumbnail ids.