Client-side MTM implementation

Example Code


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The files reproduced here are the main files contained in the examples directory. Some extra files may be needed to run the examples, and these will be found in the appropriate examples directory.

The subproject txtc demonstrates a Client-side MTM. The central class is CTextMtmClient ,

derived from the Client-side MTM base class CBaseMtm .

txtc implements all mandatory Client-side MTM functionality, and the following optional MTM functionality:
  • find: this searches the body text of a local entry, or its description or details

  • message forwarding: this copies a message to another folder

  • MTM-specific operations: txtc accepts requests for an asynchronous service Refresh operation, and passes such requests to the Server-side Text MTM.

Class Summary

The following optional functionality is not implemented:
  • address handling: addresses are not relevant to this MTM

  • subject field

  • replying