MMsgBioControl Class Reference

class MMsgBioControl

The interface for Bio controls

Member Functions Documentation


TRect CurrentLineRect ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns a rectangle slice of the bio controls viewing area. It is used by the CMsgEditorView class for scrolling the screen. The position is given relative to the bio controls top left corner.


TBool HandleBioCommandL ( TInt aCommand ) [pure virtual]

The command handler. The Bio Control should only handle its own commands that it has set using the function SetMenuCommandSetL() .


TInt aCommand ID of command to be handled.


HBufC * HeaderTextL ( void ) const [pure virtual]

Returns the header text.




TBool IsCursorLocation ( TMsgCursorLocation aLocation ) const [pure virtual]

Tells whether the cursor is in the topmost or bottom position. It is used by the scrolling framework.


TMsgCursorLocation aLocation Specifies either top or bottom.


TBool IsFocusChangePossible ( TMsgFocusDirection aDirection ) const [pure virtual]

Used by the body container for managing focus and scrolling.


TMsgFocusDirection aDirection The direction to be checked.


TUint32 OptionMenuPermissionsL ( ) const [pure virtual]

The application can get the option menu permissions using this function.

SetAndGetSizeL(TSize &)

void SetAndGetSizeL ( TSize & aSize ) [pure virtual]

Calculates and sets size for a Bio control according to aSize. This function might become deprecated. The SetSizeL() function will be the replacement. The height of the Bio control may be less or more than requested by aSize, but the width must be exactly the same. If width of the Bio control is not the same as given by aSize, the width must be reset back to requested one. The aSize is set to the new size.


TSize & aSize Size. See explanation.

SetMenuCommandSetL(CEikMenuPane &)

void SetMenuCommandSetL ( CEikMenuPane & aMenuPane ) [pure virtual]

This is called by the container to allow the Bio control to add a menu item command. The command ID's should start from the value returned by the MMsgBioControlObserver::FirstFreeCommand() .


CEikMenuPane & aMenuPane Reference to the applications menu which will be modified.


TInt VirtualHeight ( ) [pure virtual]

Gives the height of the text in pixels. It is used by the scrolling framework.


TInt VirtualVisibleTop ( ) [pure virtual]

Gives the cursor position in pixels. It is used by the scrolling framework.