RVPbkContactFieldDefaultPriorities Class Reference

class RVPbkContactFieldDefaultPriorities

An array of default field priorities.

A helper class for client to manage default attribute priorities of the contact fields. For accessing default information the client uses the attribute manager.

CVPbkContactManager::ContactAttributeManagerL CVPbkDefaultAttribute

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


RVPbkContactFieldDefaultPriorities ( ) [inline]

Default constructor for an empty array.

Member Functions Documentation

Append(const TVPbkDefaultType)

TInt Append ( const TVPbkDefaultType aDefaultType ) [inline]

Appends a default type to the array.


const TVPbkDefaultType aDefaultType The default type to append in to the array.

At(const TInt)

TVPbkDefaultType At ( const TInt aIndex ) const [inline]

Returns a type at aIndex.


const TInt aIndex A zero based index of the element.


void Close ( ) [inline]

/** Releases resources used for storing the array.

This object must not be used after Close() has been called to it.


TInt Count ( ) const [inline]

Returns the number of elements in the array.


IMPORT_C HBufC8 * ExternalizeLC ( ) const

Outputs this objects state to a buffer.

Default priority array pack format 1: stream := VersionNumber ElementCount Element* VersionNumber := TInt8 ElementCount := TInt8 Element := TInt8

InternalizeL(const TDesC8 &)

IMPORT_C void InternalizeL ( const TDesC8 & aBuffer )

Initializes the instance from the buffer.


const TDesC8 & aBuffer A buffer that was created using ExternalizeLC.


TBool IsEmpty ( ) const [inline]

Returns true if this array is empty.

Member Data Documentation

RArray< TVPbkDefaultType > iDefaultTypes

RArray < TVPbkDefaultType > iDefaultTypes [private]