CPreSyncPlugin Class Reference

class CPreSyncPlugin : public CBase

Class: CPreSyncPlugin

Description: Custom ECOM interface definition. This interface is used by clients to handle roamong .

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~CPreSyncPlugin ( ) [inline, virtual]

Function: ~CPreSyncPlugin

Description: Wraps ECom object destruction. Notifies the ECOM framework that specific instance is being destroyed.

Member Functions Documentation


TBool CanSyncL ( ) [pure virtual]

Function: CanSync


TBool IsSupported ( ) [pure virtual]

Function: IsSupported


CPreSyncPlugin * NewL ( TUid aImplementationUid ) [static, inline]

Function : NewL(TUid aImplementationUid) ; Description: Implementation created based on implementation ID


TUid aImplementationUid

NewL(const TDesC8 &)

CPreSyncPlugin * NewL ( const TDesC8 & aParam ) [static, inline]

Function : NewL(const TDesC8& aParam) ; Description: Implementation created based Implemetation resolution parameter


const TDesC8 & aParam

SetProfile(const TSmlProfileId &)

TBool SetProfile ( const TSmlProfileId & aProfileId ) [pure virtual]

Function: SetProfile


const TSmlProfileId & aProfileId

SyncNow(MSyncExtObserver *)

TInt SyncNow ( MSyncExtObserver * aObserver ) [pure virtual]

Function: SyncNow


MSyncExtObserver * aObserver

Member Data Documentation

TUid iDtor_ID_Key

TUid iDtor_ID_Key

iDtor_ID_Key Instance identifier key. When instance of an implementation is created by ECOM framework, the framework will assign UID for it. The UID is used in destructor to notify framework that this instance is being destroyed and resources can be released.