MPbk2ViewExplorer Class Reference

class MPbk2ViewExplorer

Phonebook 2 view explorer interface. View explorer can be used to activate views and to navigate between the views.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbk2ViewExplorer ( ) [protected, inline, virtual]

Member Functions Documentation

ActivatePhonebook2ViewL(TUid, const CPbk2ViewState *)

void ActivatePhonebook2ViewL ( TUid aViewId,
const CPbk2ViewState * aViewState
) const [pure virtual]

Activates a Phonebook 2 view.



TUid aViewId Id of the view to activate.
const CPbk2ViewState * aViewState The state to pass to the activated view, can be NULL.

ActivatePreviousViewL(const CPbk2ViewState *)

void ActivatePreviousViewL ( const CPbk2ViewState * aViewState ) [pure virtual]

Activates the previous view.


const CPbk2ViewState * aViewState Desired view state to restore, can be NULL.

HandleViewActivationLC(const TUid &, const TVwsViewId &, const TDesC *, const CEikImage *, TUint)

MPbk2ViewActivationTransaction * HandleViewActivationLC ( const TUid & aViewId,
const TVwsViewId & aPrevViewId,
const TDesC * aTitlePaneText,
const CEikImage * aContextPanePicture,
TUint aFlags
) [pure virtual]

Updates application-level objects (view navigation state and status pane) leave-safely at view activation. Called from each application view's DoActivateL().


const TUid & aViewId The activated view's id.
const TVwsViewId & aPrevViewId Previously active view's id.
const TDesC * aTitlePaneText Text to set to title pane. If NULL default text is used.
const CEikImage * aContextPanePicture Picture to set into context pane. If NULL default picture is used.
TUint aFlags Combination of TPbk2ViewActivationFlags telling which panes are to be updated.

IsPhonebook2View(const TVwsViewId &)

TBool IsPhonebook2View ( const TVwsViewId & aViewId ) const [pure virtual]

Returns true if given view id indicates a Phonebook 2 view.


const TVwsViewId & aViewId The id of the view to query.


TAny * ViewExplorerExtension ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.




CPbk2ViewGraph & ViewGraph ( ) const [pure virtual]

Returns Phonebook 2 view graph object.