MPbk2ViewActivationTransaction Class Reference

class MPbk2ViewActivationTransaction

Phonebook 2 view activation transaction interface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbk2ViewActivationTransaction ( ) [inline, virtual]

Virtual destructor. Override to roll back any changes made at construction if Commit() is not called.

Member Functions Documentation


void Commit ( ) [pure virtual]

Commits this transaction, tells the destructor to keep the changes.


void RollbackL ( ) [pure virtual]

Rolls back changes but cannot do it leave-safely. This function should not be utilized when in DoActivateL, in there just deleting this object is the preferred way to go. But if the view has already been switched on (DoActivateL has been executed) calling this function rolls back by force to the previous view.


TAny * ViewActivationTransactionExtension ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.