CESMRConflictChecker Class Reference

class CESMRConflictChecker : public CBase

CESMRConflictChecker is responsible for finding conflicting entries from symbian calendar database.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CESMRConflictChecker(MESMRCalDbMgr &)

CESMRConflictChecker ( MESMRCalDbMgr & aDbMgr ) [private]


MESMRCalDbMgr & aDbMgr


IMPORT_C ~CESMRConflictChecker ( )

C++ destructor.

Member Functions Documentation

FindConflictsL(const CCalEntry &, RPointerArray< CCalEntry > &)

IMPORT_C void FindConflictsL ( const CCalEntry & aEntry,
RPointerArray < CCalEntry > & aConflicts

Finds conflicting entries. Conflicting entries are stored to table given as parameter. Ownership of the conflicting entries are transferred to caller.


const CCalEntry & aEntry Reference to calendar entry
RPointerArray < CCalEntry > & aConflicts Reference to calendar entry table

FindInstancesForEntryL(TTime, TTime, const CCalEntry &, TCalCollectionId, RPointerArray< CCalEntry > &)

IMPORT_C void FindInstancesForEntryL ( TTime aStart,
TTime aEnd,
const CCalEntry & aEntry,
TCalCollectionId aColId,
RPointerArray < CCalEntry > & aInstances

Finds instances for this entry occuring between specified time range, that are in conflict with given entry. Ownership of the conflicting entries are transferred to caller.


TTime aStart Start time
TTime aEnd End time
const CCalEntry & aEntry Reference to entry
TCalCollectionId aColId Collection id of the entry
RPointerArray < CCalEntry > & aInstances On return contains the conflicting instances

NewL(MESMRCalDbMgr &)

IMPORT_C CESMRConflictChecker * NewL ( MESMRCalDbMgr & aDbMgr ) [static]

Two-phased constructor. Creates and initializes CESMRConflictChecker object.


MESMRCalDbMgr & aDbMgr Reference to cal db manager.

Member Data Documentation

MESMRCalDbMgr & iDbMgr

MESMRCalDbMgr & iDbMgr [private]