CPbk2SortOrderManager Class Reference

class CPbk2SortOrderManager : public CBase

Phonebook 2 sort order manager. Responsible for managing the sort order of the contacts in a contact view.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~CPbk2SortOrderManager ( )


Member Functions Documentation

AddObserverL(MPbk2SortOrderObserver &)

IMPORT_C void AddObserverL ( MPbk2SortOrderObserver & aObserver )

Adds an observer.


MPbk2SortOrderObserver & aObserver The observer to add.

ConstructL(const MVPbkFieldTypeList &, RFs *)

void ConstructL ( const MVPbkFieldTypeList & aMasterFieldTypeList,
RFs * aFs
) [private, inline]


const MVPbkFieldTypeList & aMasterFieldTypeList
RFs * aFs


IMPORT_C const TDesC & CurrentSeparator ( ) const

Returns the current separator. This the separator that can be changed run time and saved to Central Repository.


IMPORT_C const TDesC & DefaultSeparator ( )

Returns the language specific default separator. This can not be changed run time.


IMPORT_C TPbk2NameDisplayOrder NameDisplayOrder ( ) const

Returns the current name display order.

NewL(const MVPbkFieldTypeList &, RFs *)

IMPORT_C CPbk2SortOrderManager * NewL ( const MVPbkFieldTypeList & aMasterFieldTypeList,
RFs * aFs = NULL
) [static]

Creates a new instance of this class.


const MVPbkFieldTypeList & aMasterFieldTypeList Master field type list. Can be retrieved from Virtual Phonebook contact manager.
RFs * aFs = NULL A file system session reference for resource file handling. If NULL then an own session is created.

RemoveObserver(MPbk2SortOrderObserver &)

IMPORT_C void RemoveObserver ( MPbk2SortOrderObserver & aObserver )

Removes an observer.


MPbk2SortOrderObserver & aObserver The observer to remove.

SetContactViewL(MVPbkContactViewBase &)

IMPORT_C void SetContactViewL ( MVPbkContactViewBase & aContactView )

Sets the contact view that this manager manages. Takes in use the sort order from the given view.


MVPbkContactViewBase & aContactView The contact view to manage.

SetNameDisplayOrderL(TPbk2NameDisplayOrder, const TDesC &)

IMPORT_C void SetNameDisplayOrderL ( TPbk2NameDisplayOrder aNameDisplayOrder,
const TDesC & aSeparator =  KNullDesC

Sets the name displaying order for the managed contact view.


TPbk2NameDisplayOrder aNameDisplayOrder New name display order for the managed contact view.
const TDesC & aSeparator =  KNullDesC Custom separator to be used between lastname and firstname if it exists. If KNullDesC is given, space is used as separator.


IMPORT_C const MVPbkFieldTypeList & SortOrder ( ) const

Returns the current sort order.

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum TPbk2NameDisplayOrder



Member Data Documentation

CPbk2SortOrderManagerImpl * iImpl

CPbk2SortOrderManagerImpl * iImpl [private]