CMuiuMsgEditorServiceSession Class Reference

class CMuiuMsgEditorServiceSession : public CAknAppServiceBase

Server-side message editor/viewer service implementations

Inherits from

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


IMPORT_C CMuiuMsgEditorServiceSession ( )

C++ Constructor


~CMuiuMsgEditorServiceSession ( )

C++ Destructor

Member Functions Documentation


void CreateL ( ) [protected, virtual]

Just basecalls CAknAppServiceBase

OpenEmbeddedL(const RMessage2 &)

void OpenEmbeddedL ( const RMessage2 & aMessage ) [private]

Constructs TEditorParameters from aMessage Externalizes the params to store and restore CEikDocument from there (ie. starts messaging editor/viewer). Completes aMessage.


const RMessage2 & aMessage

ServiceError(const RMessage2 &, TInt)

void ServiceError ( const RMessage2 & aMessage,
TInt aError
) [protected, virtual]


const RMessage2 & aMessage
TInt aError

ServiceL(const RMessage2 &)

void ServiceL ( const RMessage2 & aMessage ) [protected, virtual]

Checks the function from aMessage. If it is EMuiuMsgEditorServiceCmdOpen -> calls OpenEmbedded. Otherwise basecalls CAknAppServiceBase .


const RMessage2 & aMessage

Member Data Documentation

CEikDocument * iDoc

CEikDocument * iDoc [private]