MESMRTaskFactory Class Reference

class MESMRTaskFactory

MESMRTaskFactory defines interface for creating ES MR tasks.

        MESMRTaskFactory* factory = ...


Public Member Functions
~MESMRTaskFactory ()
MESMRTask * CreateTaskL ( TESMRCommand , MESMRCalEntry &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MESMRTaskFactory ( ) [inline, virtual]

Virtual C++ destructor.

Member Functions Documentation

CreateTaskL(TESMRCommand, MESMRCalEntry &)

MESMRTask * CreateTaskL ( TESMRCommand aCommand,
MESMRCalEntry & aEntry
) [pure virtual]

Creates ES MR task. Ownership is transferred to caller.


TESMRCommand aCommand Command id
MESMRCalEntry & aEntry Reference to entry being handled.