MSearchResultRetrieveObserver Class Reference

class MSearchResultRetrieveObserver

This class is observer for retrieving the results. Users of MSearchResultRetrieveObserver must implement this interface to be able to get heavy results.

Member Functions Documentation


TAny * ResultRetrieveObserverExtensionL ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns the extension for this interface. If no extension is available, return NULL.



ResultsRetrieveCompleteL(RPointerArray< CSearchResult > &)

void ResultsRetrieveCompleteL ( RPointerArray < CSearchResult > & aResultArray ) [pure virtual]

This function is called when results retrival operation is complete.


RPointerArray < CSearchResult > & aResultArray - The results returned by the operation. Ownership of the items is transferred to the caller.