CVPbkSortOrderAcquirer Class Reference

class CVPbkSortOrderAcquirer : public CBase

Virtual Phonebook sort order acquirer plugin interface. This interface is used to acquire the sort orders for the remote views supported by the repository.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~CVPbkSortOrderAcquirer ( ) [inline]


Member Functions Documentation

ApplySortOrderToStoreL(const TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr &)

TBool ApplySortOrderToStoreL ( const TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr & aStoreUri ) [pure virtual]

Answers to the question should this acquirer be applied to views created from store identified by aStoreUri.

param aStoreUri A store identifier


const TVPbkContactStoreUriPtr & aStoreUri

NewL(TUid, TSortOrderAcquirerParam)

CVPbkSortOrderAcquirer * NewL ( TUid aUid,
TSortOrderAcquirerParam aParam
) [static, inline]

ECom constructor.


TUid aUid Unique identifier of this implementation.
TSortOrderAcquirerParam aParam Construction parameters.


const MVPbkFieldTypeList & SortOrder ( ) const [pure virtual]

Sort order used for this view. View name is encoded in the ECom resource structure display name field. And the view preferences in the opague data field.

Member Data Documentation

TUid iDtorIDKey

TUid iDtorIDKey [private]