CPbk2UIExtensionThinPlugin Class Reference

class CPbk2UIExtensionThinPlugin : public CBase

Phonebook 2 thin UI extension ECom plug-in interface. Extensions that implement this interface must be as small as possible because all Phonebook 2 thin UI extension are loaded in Phonebook 2 start-up.

This class is responsible for defining the thin extension plug-in interface and creating thin extension plug-in implementations.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~CPbk2UIExtensionThinPlugin ( ) [inline]


Member Functions Documentation

DynInitMenuPaneL(TInt, CEikMenuPane *, MPbk2ContactUiControl &)

void DynInitMenuPaneL ( TInt aResourceId,
CEikMenuPane * aMenuPane,
MPbk2ContactUiControl & aControl
) [pure virtual]

Called before a menu is launched.

Use CEikMenuPane::MenuItemExists ( TInt aCommandId, TInt& aPosition ) before setting an item dimmed.


TInt aResourceId The id of the menu pane.
CEikMenuPane * aMenuPane A reference to the menu pane.
MPbk2ContactUiControl & aControl The current UI control.

ExtensionStartupL(MPbk2StartupMonitor &)

void ExtensionStartupL ( MPbk2StartupMonitor & aStartupMonitor ) [pure virtual]

Called in application start-up after the application services have been created.


MPbk2StartupMonitor & aStartupMonitor The start-up monitor that can be used to get UI completion event. The extension must notify the monitor after it's own start-up.


TUid ImplementationUid ( ) const [inline]

Returns the implementation UID.


CPbk2UIExtensionThinPlugin * NewL ( TUid aUid ) [static, inline]

Creates a new instance of this class.


TUid aUid The implementation UID of the plugin.


TAny * ThinUIPluginExtension ( TUid ) [inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.



Member Data Documentation

TUid iDtorIDKey

TUid iDtorIDKey [private]

TUid iImplementationUid

TUid iImplementationUid [private]