MCCAConnection Class Reference

class MCCAConnection

Member Functions Documentation


void Close ( ) [pure virtual]

Destroy this entity

S60 5.0

LaunchAppL(MCCAParameter &, MCCAObserver *)

void LaunchAppL ( MCCAParameter & aParameter,
MCCAObserver * aObserver = NULL
) [pure virtual]

Launches CCA application with the given parameter. See above for example instructions.

Ownership of MCCAParameter is transferred.

Leaves KErrArgument if there is no contact data in the given parameter. Leaves KErrAlreadyExists if there is already CCApplication running simultaneously.


MCCAParameter & aParameter to launch application
MCCAObserver * aObserver = NULL to get notifications (see MCCAObserver)

LaunchApplicationL(MCCAParameter &)

void LaunchApplicationL ( MCCAParameter & aParameter ) [pure virtual]

DEPRECATED - USE LaunchAppL() instead! Ownership of MCCAParameter is NOT transferred.


MCCAParameter & aParameter