CCalenInterimUtils2 Class Reference

class CCalenInterimUtils2 : public CBase

This class contains utility methods related to usage of Calendar Interim API

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CCalenInterimUtils2 ( ) [private]


IMPORT_C ~CCalenInterimUtils2 ( )


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void ConstructL ( ) [private]


IMPORT_C HBufC8 * GlobalUidL ( )

Allocates and returns a new global UID.

IsMeetingRequestL(CCalEntry &)

IMPORT_C TBool IsMeetingRequestL ( CCalEntry & aEntry ) [static]

Checks to see if the given entry has properties consistent with a meeting request.


CCalEntry & aEntry Entry to test


IMPORT_C TBool MRViewersEnabledL ( TBool aForceCheck = EFalse )

Checks to see if Meeting Request Viewer functionality is enabled and is available to use


TBool aForceCheck = EFalse


IMPORT_C CCalenInterimUtils2 * NewL ( ) [static]

Create a new instance of CalenInterimUtils2

PopulateChildFromParentL(CCalEntry &, const CCalEntry &)

IMPORT_C void PopulateChildFromParentL ( CCalEntry & aChild,
const CCalEntry & aParent
) [static]

Populates empty fields of a child entry with data from the parent entry.


CCalEntry & aChild child (modifying) entry to be populated
const CCalEntry & aParent parent (originating) entry

StoreL(CCalEntryView &, CCalEntry &, TBool)

IMPORT_C void StoreL ( CCalEntryView & aEntryView,
CCalEntry & aEntry,
TBool aCopyToChildren = EFalse
) [static]

This function is a wrapper around CCalEntryView::StoreL() and CCalEntryView::UpdateL(). The function makes the appropriate call to either of those functions, depending on several factors, such as whether the entry is a child or parent, and whether it has exceptions or not. If aCopyToChildren is set to ETrue, extra logic is applied as follows: For each exception, for each field, if the field is NOT the reason for the entry being an exception, copy the new parent's field across to the exception.


CCalEntryView & aEntryView view of the entries
CCalEntry & aEntry entry to be stored
TBool aCopyToChildren = EFalse whether the extra logic regarding exception data should be run

Member Data Documentation

CCalenInterimUtils2Impl * iImpl

CCalenInterimUtils2Impl * iImpl [private]