CWifiProtUiInProcess Class Reference

class CWifiProtUiInProcess : public CBase

CWifiProtUiInProcess class Private interface class that allows the client to run Wi-Fi Protected Setup directly, without using the Notifier Framework

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


CWifiProtUiInProcess ( ) [private]



~CWifiProtUiInProcess ( )


Member Functions Documentation

ConstructL(RCmManagerExt *)

void ConstructL ( RCmManagerExt * aCmManagerExt = NULL ) [private]

Second phase constructor


RCmManagerExt * aCmManagerExt = NULL CmManager to use

NewL(RCmManagerExt *)

IMPORT_C CWifiProtUiInProcess * NewL ( RCmManagerExt * aCmManagerExt ) [static]

NewL function


RCmManagerExt * aCmManagerExt Cm Manager to use during Wi-Fi Protected Setup return CWifiProtUiInProcess*

StartFromUiL(const TWlanSsid &, TBool, RArray< TUint32 > &)

IMPORT_C WiFiProt::TWiFiReturn StartFromUiL ( const TWlanSsid & aSSid,
TBool aConnectionNeeded,
RArray < TUint32 > & aUidsReturned

Starts Wi-Fi Protected Setup Private interface to be used by applications with ui runs in the same process, so pointers can be passed


const TWlanSsid & aSSid contains SSid of the network we want to configure
TBool aConnectionNeeded ETrue if we need a connection via the configured network
RArray < TUint32 > & aUidsReturned

Member Data Documentation

CWiFiProtDlgsPlugin * iWiFiProtDlgsPlugin

CWiFiProtDlgsPlugin * iWiFiProtDlgsPlugin [private]