CVersitAlarm Class Reference

class CVersitAlarm : public CBase

An alarm for a vEvent or a vTodo.

Specifies the date/time for the alarm, the amount of time the alarm will be snoozed (optional), the number of times that the alarm will repeat, the binary data of the sound to be played when the alarm runs (optional), and some text to associate with the alarm (optional).

An object of this class is owned by the CParserPropertyValueAlarm class.

This class supports the following types of alarm:

  • Audible Alarm

  • Display Alarm (displays message on the screen)

  • Procedure Alarm (calls a procedure)

  • Mail Alarm (sends an email).

Inherits from

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


CVersitAlarm ( TInt aRepeatCount ) [private]


TInt aRepeatCount


IMPORT_C ~CVersitAlarm ( )

Frees all resources owned by the alarm, prior to its destruction.

Member Functions Documentation

ConstructL(const TDesC &, const TDesC &, TVersitDateTime *, TTime *)

void ConstructL ( const TDesC & aAudioContent,
const TDesC & aNote,
TVersitDateTime * aRunTime,
TTime * aSnoozeTime
) [private]


const TDesC & aAudioContent
const TDesC & aNote
TVersitDateTime * aRunTime
TTime * aSnoozeTime

NewL(TVersitDateTime *, TTime *, TInt, const TDesC &, const TDesC &)

IMPORT_C CVersitAlarm * NewL ( TVersitDateTime * aRunTime,
TTime * aSnoozeTime,
TInt aRepeatCount,
const TDesC & aAudioContent,
const TDesC & aNote
) [static]

Allocates and constructs a new alarm.

Ownership of aRunTime and aSnoozeTime is taken in the end.


TVersitDateTime * aRunTime Pointer to the alarm time.
TTime * aSnoozeTime Pointer to the snooze time (may be NULL).
TInt aRepeatCount The repeat count.
const TDesC & aAudioContent A binary buffer containing the sound data. May be an empty descriptor.
const TDesC & aNote A descriptor containing text to display when the alarm is executing. May be an empty descriptor.

Member Data Documentation

HBufC * iAudioContent

HBufC * iAudioContent

The binary data describing the sound to play for an AALARM (optional), or the string which specifies the address to send the e-mail to, for an MALARM.

HBufC * iNote

HBufC * iNote

The mesage to display on the screen for a DALARM (optional), or the body of the e-mail to be sent for an MALARM, or the name of the procedure to call for a PALARM.

TInt iRepeatCount

TInt iRepeatCount

The number of times that the alarm will repeat.

TVersitDateTime * iRunTime

TVersitDateTime * iRunTime

The date/time for the alarm.

TTime * iSnoozeTime

TTime * iSnoozeTime

The amount of time the alarm will be snoozed (optional).