CPbkIdleFinder Class Reference

class CPbkIdleFinder : public CBase

Phonebook idle finder class. Wrapper for Contact Model's CIdleFinder . CIdleFinder .

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CPbkIdleFinder(CIdleFinder *, CContactItemFieldDef *)

CPbkIdleFinder ( CIdleFinder * aFinder,
CContactItemFieldDef * aFieldDef

Constructor. Not exported because objects of this class are created only by CPbkContactEngine .


CIdleFinder * aFinder Contact Model idle finder object. This takes ownership of aFinder.
CContactItemFieldDef * aFieldDef Field defintion passed to aFinder. This takes ownership of aFieldDef.


~CPbkIdleFinder ( )


Member Functions Documentation


IMPORT_C TInt Error ( ) const

Check for errors when search is complete. CIdleFinder::Error() .


IMPORT_C CContactItemFieldDef * FieldDef ( ) const

Returns the CContactItemFieldDef passed to constructor. Ownership not transferred.


IMPORT_C CIdleFinder * IdleFinder ( ) const

Returns the CIdleFinder passed to constructor. Ownership not transferred.


IMPORT_C TBool IsComplete ( ) const

Tests whether a search is complete. CIdleFinder::IsCompelete().


IMPORT_C CContactIdArray * TakeContactIds ( )

Gives access and ownership of the contact ids found in the search. CIdleFinder::TakeContactIds() .

Member Data Documentation

CContactItemFieldDef * iFieldDef

CContactItemFieldDef * iFieldDef [private]

CIdleFinder * iFinder

CIdleFinder * iFinder [private]