MContactPresence Class Reference

class MContactPresence

MContactPresence is interface of Contact Presence API. Objects of this interface are created using TContactPresenceFactory in contactpresencefactory.h. This API is used to get presence status icons of phonebook contacts. Asynchronous methods of this interface are completed in MContactPresenceObs which shall be implemented by the users of this interface.

s60 v5.0

Member Functions Documentation


void CancelAll ( ) [pure virtual]

Cancel all pending operations. MContactPresenceObs is NOT called but the operations are cancelled silently.


void CancelOperation ( TInt aOpId ) [pure virtual]

Cancel the specific operation. Either GetPresenceIconFileL or GetPresenceInfoL. MContactPresenceObs is NOT called but the operations are cancelled silently.


TInt aOpId Operation id to identify the operation [IN]

CancelSubscribePresenceInfo(const MDesC8Array &)

void CancelSubscribePresenceInfo ( const MDesC8Array & aLinkArray ) [pure virtual]

Cancels subscriptions to presence info. Cancelling of non-subscribed contacts will not produce error callbacks.


const MDesC8Array & aLinkArray The contact links.


void Close ( ) [pure virtual]

Destructor that must be called by client to destroy this object.

GetPresenceIconFileL(const TDesC8 &, const TDesC8 &)

TInt GetPresenceIconFileL ( const TDesC8 & aBrandId,
const TDesC8 & aElementId
) [pure virtual]

Get icon file. Response is received in MContactPresenceObs::ReceiveIconFileL() . If operation fails then MContactPresenceObs::ErrorOccured() is called.


const TDesC8 & aBrandId branding id
const TDesC8 & aElementId element id

GetPresenceInfoL(const TDesC8 &)

TInt GetPresenceInfoL ( const TDesC8 & aPackedLink ) [pure virtual]

Get contacts's presence icon info but do not subscribe for future changes. Response is received in MContactPresenceObs::ReceiveIconInfosL() . If operation fails then the observer will be informed by a call to MContactPresenceObs::ErrorOccured() .


const TDesC8 & aPackedLink a packed contact link for phonebook contact

SetPresenceIconSize(const TSize)

void SetPresenceIconSize ( const TSize aSize ) [pure virtual]

Set icon size If not set then a default size is used in response of GetPresenceIconFileL.


const TSize aSize new size used from now on.

SubscribePresenceInfoL(const MDesC8Array &)

void SubscribePresenceInfoL ( const MDesC8Array & aLinkArray ) [pure virtual]

Get contacts's presence icon info and to subscribe for future changes in icon info. Response(s) are received in MContactPresenceObs::ReceiveIconInfoL() for each individual link if presence status for that link is available. If subscribing to certain contact presences fails then the observer will be informed by a call to MContactPresenceObs::PresenceSubscribeError() for every failed contact subscription.


const MDesC8Array & aLinkArray an array of packed contact links, specified in phonebook API