TPbk2IconId Class Reference

class TPbk2IconId

Phonebook 2 icon identification. This class is responsible for implementing a unique identifier for icons in the Phonebook context.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


IMPORT_C TPbk2IconId ( )

Default C++ constructor. Constructs a null icon id.

TPbk2IconId(const TUid &, TInt)

IMPORT_C TPbk2IconId ( const TUid & aOwnerUid,
TInt aIconId

Constructor that takes the owner uid and icon id.


const TUid & aOwnerUid The UID that specifies whose icon this is. It's used the identify icons from different components that are used in the same data structure. The UID could be e.g a Phonebook 2 UID for application defined icons and ECom implementation UID for UI extension icons.
TInt aIconId The id of the icon under the owner.

TPbk2IconId(TResourceReader &)

IMPORT_C TPbk2IconId ( TResourceReader & aReader )

Constructor that takes a resource reader that points to a PHONEBOOK2_ICON_ID structure.


TResourceReader & aReader Resource reader to a PHONEBOOK2_ICON_ID resource structure.

Member Functions Documentation

IsOwner(const TUid &)

TBool IsOwner ( const TUid & aUid ) const [inline]

Checks if passed uid is owner of this structure


const TUid & aUid Owner UID to check.

operator==(const TPbk2IconId &)

IMPORT_C TBool operator== ( const TPbk2IconId & aRhs ) const

Comparison that returns ETrue if the icon ids are the same.


const TPbk2IconId & aRhs An icon id to compare.

Member Data Documentation

TInt iIconId

TInt iIconId [private]

TUid iOwnersUid

TUid iOwnersUid [private]

TInt32 iSpare1

TInt32 iSpare1 [private]

TInt32 iSpare2

TInt32 iSpare2 [private]