CPEContactHandlingProxy Class Reference

class CPEContactHandlingProxy : public CBase

This proxy class provides for the access to contact information services. The construction of contact handling component is two-fold: 1) CreateFirstPhaseL() creates the proxy object along with cnt handling dummy 2) CreateSecondPhaseL() creates the real subject with capability to utilize contact database.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


CPEContactHandlingProxy ( ) [protected]

C++ default constructor.


IMPORT_C ~CPEContactHandlingProxy ( ) [virtual]


Member Functions Documentation


void ConstructL ( ) [protected]

Constructor, second phase.


IMPORT_C MPEContactHandling * CreateFirstPhaseL ( ) [static]

Create contact handling proxy and dummy implementation

CreateSecondPhaseL(MPEPhoneModelInternal &, RFs &)

IMPORT_C void CreateSecondPhaseL ( MPEPhoneModelInternal & aModel,
RFs & aFsSession

Create contact handling sub system This method creates the actual log handling implementation which replaces the dummy component in use. The phone model should call this function as all the critical sub systems already enable emergency call capabilities.


MPEPhoneModelInternal & aModel
RFs & aFsSession

FindContactInfoSync(const TInt, const TPEFindContactKey)

IMPORT_C TInt FindContactInfoSync ( const TInt aCallId,
const TPEFindContactKey aFindKey

Synchronous method for searching contact information.


const TInt aCallId call id from phone engine aFindKey defines the key to search the contact data with aSearchFrom search from key
const TPEFindContactKey aFindKey

GetSpeedDialLocation(TInt, TPEPhoneNumber &)

IMPORT_C TInt GetSpeedDialLocation ( TInt aLocationIndex,
TPEPhoneNumber & aNumber

Fetch number from speed dial location


TInt aLocationIndex Index to look for
TPEPhoneNumber & aNumber Filled with speed dial location phone number

Member Data Documentation

MPEContactHandling * iContactHandling

MPEContactHandling * iContactHandling [private]

MPEContactHandling * iContactHandlingDummy

MPEContactHandling * iContactHandlingDummy [private]