MPresenceCacheWriter2 Class Reference

class MPresenceCacheWriter2

Interface for presence cache writer API. This interface is implemented by the Presence Cache client. Notice that an xsp id is in the form ovi:

S60 v3.2

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPresenceCacheWriter2 ( ) [inline, virtual]

Public destructor. Objects can be deleted through this interface.

Member Functions Documentation


TInt CancelWrite ( ) [pure virtual]

Cancels any async. write operation going on. After calling this method no callback will be received from asycn write method.


IMPORT_C MPresenceCacheWriter2 * CreateWriterL ( ) [static]

Factory method to instantiate MPresenceCacheWriter2 .

DeletePresenceL(const TDesC &)

TInt DeletePresenceL ( const TDesC & aIdentity ) [pure virtual]

Deletes all presence related to given xsp identity. Leaves only in system errors.


const TDesC & aIdentity identity for buddy to be removed, in xsp format

DeleteService(const TDesC &)

TInt DeleteService ( const TDesC & aServiceName ) [pure virtual]

Delete all buddies presence associated with given service.


const TDesC & aServiceName service name as in sp table


MPresenceBuddyInfo2 * NewBuddyPresenceInfoLC ( ) [pure virtual]

Instantiates new buddy presence info object.

KErrNoMemory if failed to allocate memory.

WriteMultiplePresenceL(const RPointerArray< MPresenceBuddyInfo2 > &, MPresenceCacheWriteHandler2 *)

TInt WriteMultiplePresenceL ( const RPointerArray < MPresenceBuddyInfo2 > & aPresenceBuddyInfos,
MPresenceCacheWriteHandler2 * aHandler
) [pure virtual]

Writes buddy presence info objects to cache. Returns in MPresenceCacheWriteHandler2's HandlePresenceWriteL. Provide a null pointer to receive no call back. Leaves only in system errors.


const RPointerArray < MPresenceBuddyInfo2 > & aPresenceBuddyInfos
MPresenceCacheWriteHandler2 * aHandler

WritePresenceL(const MPresenceBuddyInfo2 *)

TInt WritePresenceL ( const MPresenceBuddyInfo2 * aPresenceBuddyInfo ) [pure virtual]

Writes presence info to cache for a given buddy. Leaves only in system errors.


const MPresenceBuddyInfo2 * aPresenceBuddyInfo contains xsp identity and presence