CMRMailboxUtils Class Reference

class CMRMailboxUtils : public CBase

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~CMRMailboxUtils ( ) [inline]


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AddObserverL(MMRMailboxUtilsObserver &)

void AddObserverL ( MMRMailboxUtilsObserver & aObserver ) [pure virtual]

Adds observer for CMRMailboxUtils .


MMRMailboxUtilsObserver & aObserver observer to add

GetDefaultMRMailBoxL(TMailboxInfo &)

TInt GetDefaultMRMailBoxL ( TMailboxInfo & aBoxInfo ) [pure virtual]

Gets Calendar's default MR mailbox information. Return value is KErrNone if default has been set, KErrNotFound if it hasn't been set. If default mailbox has been set and it still exists, then it's info is assigned to aBoxInfo. If it has been set but doesn't exist then the first one from the list of mailboxes is set as default and returned in aBoxInfo. In other cases KMsvNullIndexEntryId is assigned to TMRUtilsMailBoxInfo::iEntryId.


TMailboxInfo & aBoxInfo struct which will be modified

GetSourceMtmUidL(const CCalEntry &, TUid &)

TInt GetSourceMtmUidL ( const CCalEntry & aCalEntry,
TUid & aMtmUid
) [pure virtual]

Resolves MTM Uid based on the entry. This is done by finding out phone owner, the corresponding mailbox, and the MTM for that mailbox.


const CCalEntry & aCalEntry calendar entry to evaluate
TUid & aMtmUid uid of the MTM

IsOrganizerL(const CCalEntry &)

TBool IsOrganizerL ( const CCalEntry & aCalEntry ) [pure virtual]

Compares CCalEntry's phone owner field to organizer field, and returns ETrue if they match. If phone owner hasn't been set this method returns EFalse.


const CCalEntry & aCalEntry entry to evaluate

ListMailBoxesL(RArray< TMailboxInfo > &)

void ListMailBoxesL ( RArray < TMailboxInfo > & aMailBoxes ) [pure virtual]

Lists all MR capable mail boxes available in the phone.


RArray < TMailboxInfo > & aMailBoxes


CMsvSession & MsvSessionL ( ) [pure virtual]

Accessor method for getting CMsvSession reference. Leaves with a system wide error code if session doesn't exist due to a problem with Messaging Server. Reference should only be used immediatelly after querying it, since server may later request closing the session.

NewL(CMsvSession *)

CMRMailboxUtils * NewL ( CMsvSession * aMsvSession = NULL ) [static, inline]

Constructs CMailboxUtils ECom plug-in.


CMsvSession * aMsvSession = NULL

RemoveObserver(MMRMailboxUtilsObserver &)

void RemoveObserver ( MMRMailboxUtilsObserver & aObserver ) [pure virtual]

Removes observer, panics if observer hasn't been added.


MMRMailboxUtilsObserver & aObserver observer to remove


TInt SetDefaultMRMailBoxL ( TMsvId aDefaultBox ) [pure virtual]

Sets Calendar's default MR mailbox.


TMsvId aDefaultBox box to be set as default

SetPhoneOwnerL(CCalEntry &, TMsvId)

TInt SetPhoneOwnerL ( CCalEntry & aCalEntry,
TMsvId aPrimaryBox =  KMsvNullIndexEntryId
) [pure virtual]

If phone owner field hasn't been set so far, this method compares organizer field to the mailboxes in the device, and if no match was found compares each attendee to the mailboxes. If match was found, phone owner field is set, otherwise KErrNotFound is returned. If aPrimaryBox is given, then that is used in matching before any other mailbox. If not given, then default MR mailbox will have the highest presedence followed by other MR-capable mailboxes.


CCalEntry & aCalEntry entry to modify
TMsvId aPrimaryBox =  KMsvNullIndexEntryId primary mailbox for matching, if applicable

ThisAttendeeL(const CCalEntry &)

CCalAttendee * ThisAttendeeL ( const CCalEntry & aCalEntry ) [pure virtual]

Compares CCalEntry's phone owner field to its attendee list, and returns matching attendee, or NULL if phone owner hasn't been set or this attendee was not found.


const CCalEntry & aCalEntry meeting request entry

Member Data Documentation

TUid iDtor_ID_Key

TUid iDtor_ID_Key [private]