CContactViewBase::TVirtualFunction2Params Class Reference

class CContactViewBase::TVirtualFunction2Params

Holds the two parameters passed to the method GetContactsMatchingFilterL() from the reserved function CContactViewBase_Reserved_1() . It has an inline constructor to initialise the data members.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TVirtualFunction2Params(TInt, RArray< TContactIdWithMapping > &)

TVirtualFunction2Params ( TInt aFilter,
RArray < TContactIdWithMapping > & aMatchingContacts
) [inline]

Inline constructor to initialize member data.


TInt aFilter Filter for the contacts
RArray < TContactIdWithMapping > & aMatchingContacts Contacts matching a particular criterion

Member Data Documentation

TInt iFilter

TInt iFilter

Filter for the contacts.

RArray< TContactIdWithMapping > & iMatchingContacts

RArray < TContactIdWithMapping > & iMatchingContacts

List of contacts matching the criteria.