MHnControllerInterface Class Reference

class MHnControllerInterface : public MHnSuiteObserver

UI refresh observer. The implementing class can be notified about the ui being refreshed.

S60 v3.2

Inherits from

Public Member Functions
TInt ExecuteExtensionActionL (const TUid , const TDesC &, CLiwGenericParamList *)
void HandleSuiteEventL ( THnCustomSuiteEvent , CHnSuiteModel *)
void NotifyUiRefreshL (const THnUiRefreshType )

Member Functions Documentation

ExecuteExtensionActionL(const TUid, const TDesC &, CLiwGenericParamList *)

TInt ExecuteExtensionActionL ( const TUid aUid,
const TDesC & aCommand,
CLiwGenericParamList * aEventParamList
) [pure virtual]

Whenever an action for extension manager occurs it invokes this method to execute one, passing the information needed by extension manager about the action as a parameters.


const TUid aUid UID of the ECom plugin's.
const TDesC & aCommand Command which has to be executed on the plugin. Request to the Service.
CLiwGenericParamList * aEventParamList List of the event parameters needed to execute action. Extention Manager is its owner.

HandleSuiteEventL(THnCustomSuiteEvent, CHnSuiteModel *)

void HandleSuiteEventL ( THnCustomSuiteEvent aCustomSuiteEvent,
CHnSuiteModel * aModel
) [pure virtual]

Trigger appropriate action on suite model.


THnCustomSuiteEvent aCustomSuiteEvent Event that is associated with the lifecycle of a suite
CHnSuiteModel * aModel Suite model on that custom event should be performed.

NotifyUiRefreshL(const THnUiRefreshType)

void NotifyUiRefreshL ( const THnUiRefreshType aRefreshType ) [pure virtual]

Called when the ui needs to be refreshed, for a reason indicated in aRefreshType.

S60 v3.2


const THnUiRefreshType aRefreshType Defines reason for refresh.