MPbk2ContactUiControl2 Class Reference

class MPbk2ContactUiControl2

This class is an extension to MPbk2ContactUiControl . See documentation of MVPbkStoreContact from header MPbk2ContactUiControl.h

Public Member Functions
~MPbk2ContactUiControl2 ()
void AddCommandItemL (MPbk2UiControlCmdItem *, TInt )
const MPbk2UiControlCmdItem & CommandItemAt ( TInt )
TInt CommandItemCount ()
void DeleteCommandItemL ( TInt )
const MPbk2UiControlCmdItem * FocusedCommandItem ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbk2ContactUiControl2 ( ) [inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation

AddCommandItemL(MPbk2UiControlCmdItem *, TInt)

void AddCommandItemL ( MPbk2UiControlCmdItem * aCommand,
TInt aIndex
) [pure virtual]

Adds a command item to the list if not already added. Transfers ownership of aCommand to the called object.


MPbk2UiControlCmdItem * aCommand The command item that is to be added
TInt aIndex Index to which the command item that is to be added must not be greater than CommandItemCount()


const MPbk2UiControlCmdItem & CommandItemAt ( TInt aIndex ) const [pure virtual]

Gives a certain command item. CommandItemCount()


TInt aIndex The index of the command item.


TInt CommandItemCount ( ) const [pure virtual]

Number of command items.


void DeleteCommandItemL ( TInt aIndex ) [pure virtual]

Deletes a command item from the list.


TInt aIndex The command item that is to be deleted.


const MPbk2UiControlCmdItem * FocusedCommandItem ( ) const [pure virtual]

Gives a focused command item, or NULL if no command item is currently focused.